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Data Security Policy

1. Introduction

The StartIndia Consultancy Services (“StartIndia Consultancy”, “We”, “Us” or “Our”) facts security coverage covers our Services and Websites positioned at (hereinafter together called “Service(s)”).

The purchaser records is treasured for us. We understand duty and take suitable care to guard and secure your statistics seriously as described in our protection policy underneath.

The terms “client” “you” “your” “user” and “customers” check with all people and other men and women who get admission to or use our services, which includes, without dilemma, any organizations, agencies and their consultant, or different legal entities that sign in accounts or in any other case get right of entry to or use the Services via their respective employees, marketers, or representatives

2. Compliance

StartIndia Consultancy is compliant with the Payment Data Security Standards thru the 0.33-celebration fee gateway providers we use and can therefore be given or process price credentials securely in accordance with these standards.

3. Access Control

Access to our technology assets is handiest accredited via secure connectivity (SSL) (for e. G. Https) and calls for authentication. Our password policy calls for complexity, expiration, lock out and disallows reuse. We offer get entry to on the premise of least privilege policies, evaluations permissions quarterly, and revokes get admission to straight away after employee termination.

4. Security Policy

We take a look at and update our safety rules at least yearly. Our personnel are obligated to well known guidelines on an annual foundation and are provided training for preserving assurance on facts safety and task specific security and talent improvement for key activity features.

5. Physical Security

Our records systems and technical infrastructure are hosted in global elegance Data Center. Physical safety controls at our facts centres include camera surveillance, tourist logs, protection employees and password protections.

6. Penetration Testing and System Vulnerability Assessments

We have a vulnerability evaluation software which incorporates periodic scanning, identification, and remediation of protection vulnerabilities on server systems, network gadget, and packages. All networks, which includes take a look at and manufacturing environments, are often scanned using trusted third party vendors.

We additionally conduct regular internal and outside penetration exams and remediate in line with severity for any consequences determined.

7. Data Transit Encryption

We encrypt statistics in transit the usage of Standard SSL

8. Asset Management

We hold digital statistics for identification, type, retention and disposal of belongings. The manage of such a record lies with the Information Security Officer. It is the duty of the Information Security Officer to make certain accurate, timely and periodic revision of the asset control records.

9. Product Development

Our development group works in simple and at ease coding strategies and first-rate practices. Our Developers are formally educated in cosy net application improvement practices upon rent and as a minimum once every six months.

10. Information Security Incident Response Management

We hold safety incident reaction rules and processes protecting the preliminary response, research, public communication, and remediation. These rules are reviewed frequently and tested periodically.

11. Business Continuity

Our databases are sponsored up on a regular foundation and are established regularly. Backups are encrypted and saved within the manufacturing surroundings to maintain their confidentiality and integrity and are tested frequently to make sure availability.

12. Notification of Breach

Even all our first-class efforts, no mode of transmission over the Internet, or method of electronic garage, is flawlessly at ease. Therefore, we cannot guarantee absolute security of statistics. We devoted to maintaining our clients fully informed of any subjects relevant to the security in their account and to supplying clients all statistics vital for them to fulfil their own regulatory reporting responsibilities.

13. Customer Responsibilities

Security protection of your facts additionally requires that consumer keeps the safety of his account with the aid of the use of sufficiently complicated credentials and storing them appropriately. You have to additionally make certain which you have enough safety on your very own structures..

14. Logging and Monitoring

Our structures log data to a centrally managed log repository for troubleshooting, safety evaluations, and evaluation with the aid of authorized employees. We will provide users with reasonable assistance inside the case of a security incident impacting their account.